Change Management

At Prizma Consulting we specialize in catalyzing change processes at senior management level and aiding in reshaping the corporate culture that forms the basis of sustainable change.

We work from within by forming guiding coalitions and high performance teams.

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The benefits of innovation manifest when they are authentically supported throughout the enterprise, and shared by all. From this reservoir of energy arises innovation that adds value to the organization. To do this we must establish and nurture appropriate channels, and develop the intellectual potential of the organization, both in the creative capacity for invention and innovation, as well as other competences.

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Human resources

At present, HR departments face ever-greater challenges, having to make myriad daily judgements that directly affect people. The socio-economic context in which we live provokes psychological and physical stress on people and in the majority of cases, it is the HR department that deal with the resultant emotions and effects to ensure the proper development of the organization. At Prizma, we deeply respect the work of HR departments and with this as our base we support HR leaders from a human, professional, pragmatic and sustainable point of view.

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Training programs and coaching

Organizations are dynamic and are engaged in a process of constant change; it is for this reason that the training and development programs we design are always "made-to-measure" to meet the context of our clients.

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Stress management

More and more organizations are implementing corporate campaigns to reconcile work life with family life (Work Life Balance). The majority of people in the workplace find themselves in the difficult task of reconciling work and family requirements, generating as a result internal conflict that directly affects employees as well as their organization.

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Prizma is a multidisciplinary consultancy serving organizations that want to transform, to achieve their maximum potential sustainably and responsibly.

We develop custom-made, practical solutions, always focused on the reality of the organization´s current situation.

We focus and develop initiatives that enable organizations to develop their principal intangible asset: their people. 

We work at all levels towards a global, enabling vision.